Queen for a day

What drew you to booking a Boudoir Session?
I wanted to see myself in a different aspect. I wanted the whole experience that I had seen other ladies have with Laken.

What made you choose Laken LaRay Boudoir for your Boudoir experience?
I have been following Laken LaRay Boudoir for a couple of years now and seeing her work with customer after customer turn out amazingly flawless, I wanted to follow in those footsteps. Her work is out of this would.

Were you nervous for your session?
Yes, only because I didn’t know which outfits I would wear for my session. Laken really helped me narrow down for choices.

How did the reality of your session compare to your expectations going into it?
OUT OF THIS WORLD! I felt like a queen that day. Hair, Make-up, photo shoot Laken helps take care of everything. I just had to show up. She helped me show out 🙂

What did you like best about your Boudoir experience?
Before my shoot, it was so much fun that while getting ready, I got to get to know who is behind the camera, and hearing “AHH-Mazing” Thank you Laken, I will be saying that forever. 🙂

Did your experience help you to have a more positive perception of yourself?
Yes. I got to see myself from every angle. Sometimes being and feeling sexy and beautiful can be awkward. after seeing my poses, and the fact that was me in those pictures made me realize that no matter my size, or if lose or gain…. that is me in those pictures, and I am beautiful

What would you tell someone that is hesitant to book their own Boudoir experience?
Please do it. We all tend to go through everyday life listening to how others see us, and then that makes us turn on ourselves. I believe that through booking a session it helps women see what was already there. For instance, I knew I had curves, but WHOA! Laken just help shine some light on them. Book the shoot for yourself. You deserve the experience and feelings I got to have.