Black Lace

What drew you to booking a Boudoir Session?
I have seen and heard of others doing the shoot and falling in love with them. I wanted to see myself in another view other than looking in the mirror. Plus it was a bonus for a gift to the boyfriend!

What made you choose Laken LaRay Boudoir for your Boudoir experience?
I have been following Laken seeing her shoots and loved them. Amazed at all the amazing work. I see friends and people I know doing boudoir and was amazed. Definitely followed reviews and quality of work!

Were you nervous for your session?
Of course! It was a whole new experience but so glad I did it. Laken made me feel so comfortable even in the revealing poses!

How did the reality of your session compare to your expectations going into it?
So much easier. It made me feel more confident in myself and seeing the end result was totally worth it

What did you like best about your Boudoir experience?
Do I really have to pick a favorite!?! Okay I guess if I have to…The reveal of the photos, Laken putting in all that time to edit all the photos in order for me to pick the absolute favorite. I would have never been able to see myself in the light she put me in. It was all spectacular.

Did your experience help you to have a more positive perception of yourself?
YES!!! It was unbelievable!

What would you tell someone that is hesitant to book their own Boudoir experience?
If you are shy or embarrassed about anything of yourself DO NOT let that get to you. I was worried I was to plus size or parts of my body might not look the best. But DO IT! How you see yourself in the mirror you will pick all of your worst fears. I felt so unprepared for this shoot and Laken made everything feel perfect from my hair to my toes. And trust me those toes were cramping but worth it 100%!